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Thank you for showing interest in NERO® and the ARGO chapter. Here is a small guide to find the information you may be looking for.

You can always return to this main page by clicking the banner at the top of the page. The Event Info tab contains information regarding scheduled events and their locations, as well as our staff. If you are looking for the 9th edition rulebook or the formal magic rules then the Rules tab is for you. The Local Policies tab covers all of the specifics of the ARGO game that might be different at other chapters. This includes how craftsman skills work as well as module cards.

Look under the National Policies tab to read about NERO definitions, message board posting rules, or the goblin point system. The Forms tab contains all of the paperwork that needs filled out each time you play NERO at ARGO. The In Game tab contains information for characters at ARGO.

Visit our Message Boards to communicate in or out of game with other NERO players. Finally, our Links tab has resources for costuming, weapons, and armor.

If you have any suggestions for resources or additions for the site, or would like to write an in game or out of game article for the website, contact us at ARGO.Staff@gmail.com.

For a Complete List of NERO® Chapters, Visit the NERO® LARP Home page at http://www.nerolarp.com.